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I get excited about years old Nokia devices. | by chadmiller
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I get excited about years old Nokia devices.

"Everyone who had serious philosophical conundra [on the subject of restoring your life from backup] just, you know, /died/, a generation before. The Bitchun Society didn't need to convert its detractors, just outlive them."


My new toy is a Nokia 770, which you can at this moment get on your doorstep for US$140. Add another $30 and get a big-ass memory chip for it, too.


Nokia released the N800 early this year, which has driven the cost of these puppies down significantly. There is not a huge difference in them, either. The N800 is slightly faster and sleeker and there's some software (like Skype) that will run on it only.


But, this is doing fine for me. I collected software and tips to make it kewl together into a single place.


It's pleasantly legible and usable as an e-book reader. I put a Zeroconf announcer and a secure-shell daemon on it.


I put a web server on it so all my gratis et libre e-books and 2GiB of music are reachable by anyone within wifi distance of me.


I have an instant-messaging program running, and if I'm on the 'Net (wifi or Bluetooth to mobile phone), I can make and receive VoIP 'phone calls. (So, lacking Skype isn't that big of a deal.)


Not that it's my bag, exactly, it emulates most of handheld game systems, and even old arcade games. The web browser is pretty good, and the RSS reader is sufficient. There's an email client, but I haven't tried it.


If the length so far of gushing enthusiasm isn't enough of a signal, I kinda like it.

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Taken on August 18, 2007