Halibut Plate

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    I was very happy with my serving.

    1. Friendly Joe 73 months ago | reply

      that is art.
      and what could be better than fish on a slab of chocolate cake?

    2. Leah Reich 73 months ago | reply

      Conrad, meet Joe. Joe, Conrad. I think you'll get along.

      Joe, dear, that's - from bottom to top - hash browns of potatoes, peppers, and shrimp; pan-seared halibut steaks; demi-glace made using the shrimp shells from the hash browns; tomato onion marmalade.

      see, looks like chocolate 'cos it's a halibut STEAK. not no flimsy halibut filet.

    3. Friendly Joe 73 months ago | reply

      you don' gotta 'splain nothing to me..

    4. Friendly Joe 73 months ago | reply

      you win, btw. :)

      Hello, Conrad. Nice to meet you.

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