Arter-Rowland National Security Forum (14OCT21)
In this fourth presentation of the Arter-Rowland National Security Forum, Lt. Col. John J. Nelson, U.S. Army Retired, Chief Executive Officer of Morris, Nelson & Associates, LLC, and a Senior Research Fellow of the Arthur D. Simons Center, delivered a presentation on Counter Human Trafficking efforts in the United States.

The CGSC Foundation and the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army (KCAUSA) hosted the luncheon forum at the Carriage Club in Kansas City on Oct. 14, 2021. More than 90 were in attendance.

During the presentation, Nelson provided an overview of the human trafficking problem in terms of its scope and impact. He spoke about the root causes that lead to the victimization of vulnerable persons in our society and the factors that promote individuals becoming traffickers. He also described how this modern form of slavery operates as a highly profitable business with complex mechanisms of recruiting, grooming, exploitation, and geography, and its linkages to both gang activity and transnational organized crime.

Nelson wrapped up the discussion with a brief overview of the legal, jurisdictional, mission, funding, and capability challenges facing the various federal, state, local, and non-governmental agencies conducting the interagency fight.

After Nelson's presentation, Bob Ulin, the Simon's Center Director, spoke about the Arter-Rowland National Security Forum and invited the attendees to become founding members of the forum. -- To join the ARNSF, visit the CGSC Foundation website at and select the Arter-Rowland National Security Forum option to join.
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