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All of these projects required anywhere from a little to a lot more work to repair the stocks before starting to refinish and rechecker them, than did those in the 'Stock Refinshing and Recheckering' section. Some details of the work needed are included in the individaul project's listings.

Lately, I have come to consider these types of projects more as conservational or preservational in nature, as compared to restorational. To me the difference is that in restoring something like a stock, the goal is make it look as good as new again. Sometimes this can be done if the wood is still in great shape, and at other times if the wood has been badly damaged, it simply can't. If someone wants their old damged stock to look like absolute brand new again, then you may need to buy new wood and start over, otherwise accept the inevitable proud scars of dedicated service that stock conservation or preservation will still show.

Some of these projects show work that I have done totally on my own, and others show work repair and restoration work done by others (most notably the Fultons at STOCKFIXRS, or Mike Allee at Gunsmithing Only) in which I have played a part, usually that of the recheckering.

All times listed include the specifics of what was done on each project, as well as it's unpacking, log-in paperwork, repacking and log-out paperwork.