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Please note: At the present time I am no longer accepting any stock making projects. I am just too far behind in this category of work. Thank you.
CGM (Jul 2015)

By my definition, a truely Custom Stock is one in which all dimensions are made according to the client's specifications. These include the stock's length of pull, drop at comb, drop at heel, curve and style of grip, style of cheek piece, cast on or off, if any, type, length and width of forearm, width and depth of butt, etc.

Usually, these exact features are usually only obtainable if one starts from a full raw blank, rather than begin with a semi-inletted blank, especially if extremes of any of these dimesions are required. This also usually involves a great deal more expense though!

Sometimes, some special dimensions can be machined into a semi-inletted stock blank by the wood cutter that will satisfy all of the client's special needs. When that is the case, then I would consider that as being, for all intents and purposes, a full Custom Stock as well. Some of these projects will fit into that last category