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As the name of this collection implies, none of these projects had been checkered before. The cost of any checkering project depends largely on these three things: 1) The size of the area to be checkered, 2) the number of lines per inch the checkering is cut to and 3) the complexity of the checkering pattern and it's layout.

All checkering patterns have to be bordered by some kind of line. What is often referred to as being 'borderless' checkering actually has a single 'V' groove border around it's edges (represented by a V). What is referred to as 'bordered' checkering has parallel double 'V' grooves all around,(VV). Most often, this border is cut with the same line per inch setting as the rest of the checkering, but it can also be cut narrower or wider, your choice. This border can be cut shallow and the ridge between the two grooves can be left flat-topped, it can be cut deeper and the ridge created is pointed up, or some border cutting tools round off the top of the ridge. Mullered borders are often seen on higher end stocks, and consist of three parallel grooves, with the inner and outer ones cut as 'V' grooves and the middle one cut with a rounded bottom, (VUV).

Now, add in that any two types of border treatments can be used on the same pattern, e.g. borderless along the long edges and bordered or mullered along the shorter ends, and you can see that there are many variations which can make your project as unique as you want it to be. The choice is yours, or some just leave it up to me to come with somthing that looks "right'.

Once the checkering is completed, if I know that the characteristics of the specific finish that was used are compatible, I apply a water-thin epoxy resin to the checkering, with or without a dye to darken it up a little. If I don't know if the finish used will stand up to my application of the epoxy and solvent, then I just apply a coat of conventional stock finish oil, again with or without dye.

All times listed include the specifics of what was done on each project, as well as it's unpacking, log-in paperwork, repacking and log-out paperwork.

Please note: Since having carpal tunnel surgeries in both wrists in 2003, I am no longer able to cut Fleur-de-lis borders, or some other types of borders with tight little curves.

Ruger No. 3 - Penzenstdaler, T.

Ruger No. 3 -...

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Sako - Short, R.

Sako - Short, R.

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Win. 12 - Meier, J

Win. 12 - Meier, J

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