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Please note: At the present time I am no longer accepting any stock making projects. I am just too far behind in this category of work. Thank you.
CGM (Jul 2015)

These stocking projects are ones which began with what I refer to as a machined blank that has been semi-inletted on the inside and rough shaped on the outside. I think of it as three dimensional routing. It is far more cost effective to begin with something like this than it is to start from a solid walnut plank. I can recommend several sources for unmachined wood (called blanks), wood cutters who will do the machining of wood you supply to them, and those who can and will supply their wood and machine it for you.

To me, the difference between a semi-custom and a custom stock is that a custom stock is made from scratch from a full wood plank. The resulting stock can be made to your exact specifications for all dimensions including length of pull, drop at comb, drop at heel, cast on or off, the height of the comb, style of the comb, full close or open swept grip, fullness and length of forearm, etc. When working from a semi-inletted stock blank, some of those dimensions can't be changed, and I have to work within the confines of the design that you selected and which was machined into the wood. Even though there are some limitations in going the Semi-Custom route, there is still a lot of room for individuality of expression.

All times listed include the specifics of what was done on each project, as well as it's unpacking, log-in paperwork, repacking and log-out paperwork.