BOH: Does Leadership Matter
The recent election of President Barack Obama in the United States has given rise to a new model of political leadership for our weary, interconnected planet. For billions of people around the world, hope for a brighter future lies in the ability of one man to connect on a personal level, mobilize his fellow citizens, and bring about change.

To what extent does personal leadership actually direct political outcomes? Is a charismatic executive a prerequisite for leveraging change in a democratic system or is the system itself the source of renewal? What kind of political leadership is required in the information age to sustain the gift of democracy?

A professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine in New York , Mark Kingwell will examine these questions and sketch the outlines of this vital issue in modern political theory.

The author of 12 books of political and cultural theory, Dr. Kingwell’s writing has appeared in many publications, including the Journal of Philosophy, Harvard Design Magazine, the Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, the New York Times, and the Globe and Mail. His last book, a collection of essays on art and philosophy called Opening Gambits, appeared in 2008. He is working on a philosophical biography of the pianist Glenn Gould.
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