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Boar Lane bicycle | by Dustin McAmera
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Boar Lane bicycle

Another bicycle on Boar Lane. This is CHS100 in the Ensign Reflex, but now proper quarter plate, not roll film. Only, I managed to knock the revolving back of the camera, so the film was a few degrees off horizontal when I took it. I had to rotate and crop this in the scanner, so the part of the negative I've used here is only about the size of a 120 frame. It could be worse; I only have five cut-film holders for the camera, and I managed to load two of them badly, so the film bulged out and stopped the dark-slide closing (so I lost those pictures completely). You lose some, and you lose some more.


CHS100 in the Ensign Special Reflex; 1/75 second at f/8-11, and developed in HC110, 1/64 for 11 minutes. Although I'm frustrated at how few quarter-plates I can get to survive all the way to scanning, I'm quite pleased with how this has developed; better than the roll film stuff (same film, same developer, same dilution; different shape of tank, of course, so different agitation, and different ratio of the volume of developer to area of film... I might learn something from this if I wasn't stupid.


I'm still plotting a big Ensigns' Day Out; I want to take the Ensign Reflex out together with one of my Ensign Ranger Specials, and my Duo-Ensign 2¼B. I could use them all at 2¼x3¼, and get eight pictures from each, or the Ranger can do square format instead, and of course the Reflex does quarter plate. I also need an idea of where to go.

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Uploaded on August 13, 2012