• This knob lets you rewind the film; unusual for a roll film camera. This lets you switch from film to plates and back, mid-roll. The knob has a frame-counter too, numbered to 12; not sure why; surely the red window numbers would always be more reliable? [Aha! I learned why (I read the manual - duh!); When the camera was made, not all 120 size films came with the numbers for square format printed on the backing paper, but you could still use those films using this dial.]
  • This little lever moves the lens backward a few mm to allow for the plate-holder being that much further back than roll film.
  • This simple catch detaches the lens, with the shutter too. That exposes the film, and it happens a bit too easily.
  • This button's the delayed action; you hold it back while you cock the shutter if you want the clockwork self-timer.

Certo Super Sport Dolly

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This is my Super Sport Dolly, made by Certo between 1934 and 38. The camera came in various models (I also have this other one). This one has a 75 mm f/2.9 Meyer Trioplan (a very common triplet lens), in a Compur shutter, with simple front-element focusing. The camera back has a removable panel, allowing you to fit plate-holders or a ground-glass focusing screen instead of roll film, which I think makes it a model C. The film mask is removable, and I have masks to do both square format and 6x4.5. The lens and shutter can also be removed, allowing you to fit a telephoto lens on a short extension tube. Mostly this feature is a liability; I would buy the tele lens if I could find one, but in the meantime I've fogged a couple of films by detaching the lens accidentally. This instruction manual covers both models of the camera.

  1. DeborahK 99 months ago | reply

    What a neat camera! And so not standard. I wish people were still this original when they designed things like cameras. Since the advent of 35mm everything photographic has grown ever more standardized. Efficiency has it's price and one casuality is ingenuity, I think.

  2. Dustin McAmera 99 months ago | reply

    I love this camera, Deborah. It was one of the first things I bought on Ebay, and it gave me unrealistic expectations of old camera purchases for a while.

    I took it to Mexico a couple of years ago. I might upload a few of my pictures from there sometime.

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