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013/365 ... Child's play

January 13, 2010 – day 13


Cookie splash Siebe style, yeah baby!!!!!


Today I needed to have just a bit of casual fun. I have been so tense about this whole Artists Wanted thing all day. (Please vote for me, I need 5 stars people!!!!) . It reminded me of all the reasons why I stay away from competitions of any kind - I always wish everybody could win, me included. But competitions are not designed that way. So, it's kind of tense as one watches the rating go, waiting for the judges to make their decision (which will not be till February,...omg!!!). and playful 365 session seemed like the way to go.


This actually took me quite a while to set up, being my first time and all. Also, I think I messed up something with the ISO/exposure/settings of all kinds thing cos I had to do a lot of editing/corrections after (but hey, don't hold it against me I am still in the middle of reading my camera's manual – sheeeeshhhhhhh; I'll get there though don't worry).


I must admit that with all the fussing I did over it – tiding up the counter, wiping the mug, setting up those three lonely cookies on the side, getting the handle of the cup the way I wanted it... and all the rest of the details – I felt totally calmed down. Could one have a Zen experience from setting up a cookie splash shot? Eh, Siebe?


Also, took me more than one try to get it right. I was faced with all kinds of obstacles: the battery was dying, it was getting darker out so I had to correct the exposure etc, cookie refused to make a decent splash.... but in spite of all that, it was so much fun. „Clean it , set it up again, throw in the cookie, do it again“ ...... F-U-N!!!!!!!! ..... I tell ya!


Sometimes you just have to let it all go and go back to the state you were in when you were a child. It certainly worked for me! :-D


P.S. Insignificant piece of information concerning this shot.

It was actually a piece of garlic that I was throwing in - it is heavier and makes a bigger splash......though that’s kind of gross don't you think?.....Garlic splash anyone???? Sounds a bit awkward ....




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Taken on January 13, 2010