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AC-42 'Waddlesworth' Support Mech

Before the stalemate in the Kruton sector was broken using Mk-7 flame tanks, Frog forces attempted a number of 'Silver Bullet' strategies. The biggest disaster of them all being the idea that clumsy mecha could function in a jungle environment. The frog commanders had become overconfident after their swift victories employing the bipedal AC-42 'Waddlesworth' on plains and against enemy cities, but once it hit jungle terrain it was next to useless. Because of it's bulky long-range weaponry and stubby legs, it was prone not only to falling over, but getting caught in roots, between trees, and in ditches. While the Waddlesworth was more than capable of destroying enemy vehicles, it had tremendous difficulty with the agile A'salt teams employed by the monkeys. Of the known incidents, the worst was what frogs have come to know as 'The Rout of Bredsik Hill', where a column of 42 of these mecha were ambushed. Throughout the course of the engagement, 37 were destroyed. A total of 17 pilots managed to escape the slaughter. As of now, it is considered one of the Frog Military's greatest defeats. Since then, a new line has been added to the operational manual:

'If the choice is down to staying and fighting in a clear space with almost no chance of survival and retreating into a forested area, your best chance is to stay and fight. You will most likely not survive in the forest, as the mecha you pilot can barely handle speed bumps.' As of now, only 137 units remain active.

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Taken on December 2, 2009