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Searching for a Big Moon

I know the title is a little strange, but bear with me! I took this pic on the beach of a tiny town called Wilbur-by-the-Sea, which is just south of Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, basically two towns south of Daytona. Many people were congregating at sunset to see the moonrise, which was slated to be the largest moon we'd probably ever see in our lifetimes in this area.


Often, I'd taken moon shots at night, and learned that unless you have a camera that allows for some adjustment, all you'll get is a glowing, white orb on a dark background- hardly anything with the kind of detail we are accustomed to seeing here on Flickr! Through trial and error, I found that if I took a pic of the moon while it was still light out, I could post process it and bring up startlingly good detail, while still being able to make it look like a night shot taken in darkness. THAT was what I was hoping for this night, as all I had to work with was a point and shoot, and not a very good one, at that! After this shoot, I learned not to risk my shots by trying out a new camera, no matter how good they TELL you it's going to be beforehand!


Standing on a beach approach, it seemed like forever, waiting for any sign of the moon, and meanwhile, dozens of photographers and locals showed up with blankets, tripods, cameras, and sometimes, just someone else to put their arms around, hoping the large moon would bring some larger romance! Dusk came quickly, and the light was poor. My little camera proved to be pretty bad at taking low light shots, although a few, like this one, came out kind of cool. I liked the misty horizon that night, and the softness of the colors was ethereal.


By the time the moon came up, it WAS pretty large, though not what I'd expected from all the hype! I got shots, but they were pretty lame. I liked this, though, especially once I added the textures.

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Taken on March 19, 2011