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Now, THAT'S a Shark Tooth! (This is not my photo! Just my tooth and my edit!)

I used to hang out on Ebay a lot years ago. One night, after watching a program, probably on Animal Planet or the History Channel, about prehistoric sea creatures, most notably, the gigantic Megalodon Shark, I went on, determined to find the biggest shark tooth I could find for a necklace. I'd given a very large one I used to have away to a former fiance, and didn't think I'd be able to replace it.


Lo and behold, there were all sorts of large shark's teeth, and poking around on the internet some more, I finally found this beauty, which literally dwarfed the one I had previously owned, which was more the size of a Great White Shark's tooth.


The Megalodon was most likely very similar in looks to the Great White, but at full size was 2-3 times as large, with some sharks attaining a length of about 60 feet! Imagine THAT coming at you! As the size ratio goes, an inch of tooth pretty much equates to ten feet in length, so this tooth was most likely in the mouth of a 40 foot long shark!


What's fascinating about it is that the tooth weighs a LOT! The serrated edges are still there, and you can imagine that an animal of this size would be pretty much unstoppable. With a mouth full of these babies, nothing would stand a chance against them.


Sharks are one of the least changed animals on the planet. They were perfectly designed to do the job they do, and like other species that have survived since prehistoric times, needed few modifications. The biggest difference between the sharks of that time and the ones of today is the size of their prey, which is much smaller now than it was then, and accounts for why giants like this no longer roam the seas, thank GOD!


This was the pic the seller posted, showing the tooth in the palm of a hand. This was a man's hand, and in mine, it covers much more! I edited the pic to bring out detail and color.


Oh, and yes...I do wear it sometimes! Talk about a conversation starter! It's so heavy, though, that I usually tire of having it dangling around my neck pretty quick. I fashioned a wire wrap around the top part of the tooth, and use a cotton yarn, braided cord as a necklace. When I was selling jewelry back when I was out of work and trying to make ends meet, this was one of the few things I refused to get rid of! I'm dying to get a T-Rex tooth, but talk about expensive! They were totally out of my league! Maybe someday. Can you tell I like unusual things?

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Uploaded on August 29, 2012