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Squeegee Is a Masterpiece | by Chris C. Crowley- Always behind but trying to catc
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Squeegee Is a Masterpiece

Barrymore said Tigger tagged me! (We play tag a lot, but I usually know it!)


1. I am the oldest of my brothers, but everyone thinks I'm the youngest because I'm smaller and weaker, and cuter. Dang! I AM cute, aren't I?!


2. I am about 12 1/2 years old.


3. I was really sick when I was young. I almost died. My person loved me so much that she spent thousands of dollars to save me. They never did find out what was wrong, but they put me on very expensive pain pills 10 years ago, and I've been taking them ever since. (I HATE those things! I hide in the same place every morning, but my person picks up a broom and walks towards me and I freeze when I see it! Then she picks me up and gives me a pill. It's a game I make her play. It's the least she can do to humor me, don't ya' think?)


4. My person went without eating for a whole week once so she could buy my meds. I wish she would've eaten and forgotten them! She says she loves me. I don't understand why love has to taste so awful!


5. Tigger is my playmate, but I don't like when he goes near my person. Barrymore can. He's been here longer. I don't like him to, either, but it doesn't bother me as much. Tigger looks like he's trying to copy me! He even wears the same color fur. What a bad dye job! It's nowhere near as pretty and orange as MINE!


6. I got my name from my Grandma before she crossed some bridge and went away. She called me Squeegee because I don't meow; I squeek! I'm very talkative! I like to hold a conversation with my person. I even wait my turn to answer. how's that for smart?


7. I weigh about 13 lbs., and most of it is in my belly. It flops from side to side when I run. I think it's cool, but my person just shakes her head when I do it! She rubs my belly sometimes, though, and I forgive her for making fun of me.


8. My mom was part Siamese with aqua eyes, and my dad was a grey alley cat with the same kind of swirls and "bullseye" on his side that I have. My person used to take care of all of us outside where she used to work where we met her. I had six other brothers and sisters. My person found a home for Dad. He had AIDS so he couldn't live with her. A nice lady took him in. Mom had to go to the Humane Society with one of my brothers. I don't know what happened to all the others. They vanished one day.


9. I had a son, but I never saw him! Mom tried to keep me away from my girlfriend. She said she wasn't good enough for me. I liked her though. My boy looked just like me only lighter. They both disappeared, too. I don't think people in that neighborhood liked cats very much. My person brought me to the vet so I wouldn't make any more kittens. ( I hate going there!)


10. I own everything in my house, including my person. No one seems to know that but me, though.


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Uploaded on August 16, 2009