DIY Ring Sling Tutorial
I made this ring sling for my best friend who was expecting a baby girl at the same time I was.

This is incredibly easy to make, just take your time aligning the fabric and pinning it carefully. There are never too many pins.

When sewing, sew SLOWLY, that way you have better control of the fabric.

I used 2 yards of dupioni silk, cut in half and made a 1/4" hem all around it. You can make it longer or add details to the tail, pocket, etc.

The rings are from size medium in Bronze. Large size would work fine too.

I find the shoulder incredibly supportive, no pressure points and it lays flat on the back.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Drop me a comment if you make one following this tutorial. I found instructions on how to make similar RS at under the hotdog style. I just modified it a bit.

Voila! Enjoy :)
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