When I was approached by my friend Olaf with the proposal of writing a foreword to his forthcoming publication featuring a selection of his linocut printings, I immediately liked the idea, did not hesitate for a second and accepted his invitation.
His work had already inspired me in the past and it happened again this time, the moment I saw the rough version of the book, I was hit by a blast of colourful creativity.
Easy, I thought. Got the images in my head, I just have to put it down to words. However, the task turned out to be not that simple; my eyes are not skilful writers and I got lost in translation.
So I took a different approach to writing, how about focusing on the discussions I used to share with Olaf ?, mostly we talked about music, as for both of us music is our indisputable main interest. It then became obvious to see that improvisation and intention prevail over skill and structure, and how his drawings seem to be dancing to a rhythmic superposition of colours unleashing new forms of expression.
This book is an invitation to dance. Put your favourite records on, turn on the pages marking the rhythm, and enjoy the changing tunes !
You won’t tire out of it, next time you open the book you’re bound to discover new tunes and colours, you’ll rush to put on a different outfit and enjoy it again and again.

Ion Albesteanu
Bucarest 2006
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