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Hurtful Love


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Mural by SEKT with Collaboration ENUF-I researched the tag “SEKT” and found a flickr link whom I believe is the artist here in Phoenix, that did the mural. His link is The name of this mural is "Jesus Saves"


I was taking some photographs of the emerging wall art in central Phoenix and was driving around. I think I had inadvertently crossed one of those invisible boundaries where one area maybe is a little bit tougher than the other.


I found this wall mural by accident, and far from the Roosevelt Row area, and thought it was really awesome. Amazed at how these guys can paint something like this with spray pint and in such scale.


I hoped out of the car and set up in the middle of street, and as I did some guy came up behind me. Scared the shit out me. He was pretty down and out, and I remember looking at his watch as it was hanging on his wrist by a thread, but I could tell the watch was important to him. I immediately thought to myself, ““oh shit” “how much is this guy going to hit me up for?”.


He said, “You know I always look at this and ask myself if the guy behind him is hurting him or helping him”. I was so involved in getting the image I didn’t really look at the art deeply enough, and said “your right”.


At that point a car came barreling down the street, and I had to get out of way and he said “Happy Thanksgiving “ and took off. I was going to take some other images, but I noticed more people on streets now and maybe my paranoia had set in but ,several seemed to be walking towards I just bagged it and left.


As I headed out into the land of high end supermarkets, where people were bustling out with their fully catered Thanksgiving day dinners, the contrast of that part of town, and this part of town hit me. There are allot of people where Thanksgiving day doesn’t mean shit. Its just another day struggling to make ends meet.


That night I kept thinking about that guy and how art is such a part of humanity and something we all need, and how I should have thrown him a few bucks. He could have used it.


3 exposure HDR image processed in Photomatix, LR3, CS5, Nik Color EFX 4


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Taken on November 24, 2011