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Immaculate - Jokulsarlon, Iceland | by cedric_g
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Immaculate - Jokulsarlon, Iceland



Technical: Nikon D3x, CPL, 0.45x GND HE, 0.6x ND, 1.6s at f16, 52mm, Capture Nx2


A symphony of white and blue on mirror-like Jokulsarlon lagoon, a natural duotone of cold beauty orchestrated by her's truly, when all elements play together to form Immaculate beauty.


There are moments in one's photographic quest when Murphy is off guard and his laws no longer apply. I had been longing for a daytime shot where conditions would align to reveal the stark beauty of this lagoon and to emphasize the resident icebergs. Over the course of 2010, I have spent no less than 30 days here, so I do believe that I have some appreciation of the location and usual conditions.


Although icebergs are always present, quality, color and especially disposition are variable, even more so when you consider how they are positioned relative to the limited interesting backdrops of the lagoon. This new pack formation had caught my eye the previous day when it formed, however icebergs move, melt and change color. Reflections are not a given, influenced by wind and tidal movement, especially in October. The lagoon has countless days of overcast or cloudless skies.


My morning shoot on the adjacent beach proved rather lackluster, overcast and somewhat featureless until well after sunrise. I decided to return to the lagoon to get some rest and indulge in some special hot chocolate (special = rum). On the way over, I noticed that my area of the lagoon was a quasi mirror and that some light may penetrate an evil cloud bank behind me. That was enough to get me to set-up and waiting. The semi-overcast clouds started to drift away, soon to be replaced by these wispy clouds, some blue sky started to appear…and then I told myself wouldn't it be nice if some direct light could hit my icebergs, and it happened for about half an hour. Cedric 1 - Murphy 0!


On the technical side, I polarized at half strength to produce even sky tones and softer contrast and also added a 2-stop ND filter to smooth the lagoon a wee bit whilst avoiding iceberg and cloud movement.


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Taken on October 11, 2010