Eiger : west face ski
the ogre the monk and the virgin. i am not sure what s&M porn story the swiss german have but my dreams were dirty...we skied the 1600 M west face of the eiger. like in the sierra california, you have to hike every inches you ski. it ended up being an awesome trip out in the mountains with great friends and co...the conditions were typical of a 1600 M west face in the springs: variable. its about 40 degree more or less for 1600 M. the top 500 meters are worth the trip; nicely peppered, beautifully exposed, the north face right there and you looking down at 1600 meters of what looks like a forever run. then its like skiing grand montet sometime with a giant serac over your head. It took us between 3.30 and 4 hours to get up it.
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