monviso -couloir coolidge
when luca sent me a picture of that line saying it was in condition and it is rarely skied from the (almost) top i was a little skeptical. espacially after browsing around the various online topo/forum where i couldnt see that anyone had skied it recently. more of an alpine route. then i saw a video of giulia showing her skiing it with a lot of billygoating around. but Luca insisted and said it had snowed and there was no more ice and less raps. he later admitted that it would be a first snowboard descent. so...despite my rule of no more than 2 raps over 1000 M vertical i said yes. beside it was a new place , a new summit...It was indeed a fantastic ski, outragously exposed and i had my 1 min of fear when some wet slush grabbed my skis and almost took me over the void!!!
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