LEXIAS is a set of works where the common denominator and trigger is the use of video. In this sense video graphic narratives and non linear video projects coexist together. Then, two premises are true. First of all, works with programming contribute not only with technique because they are no more only digital constructions. They turn in to cultural objects through the code and they operate and reflect from the device. Second one and most important, so-called new media do not deny use and narrative power of “traditional” video.

“In textual analysis of Roland Barthes, lexias are units of minimal reading from which multiple interpretations can be reconstructed … Thus, each lexia acquires new meanings incessantly and in multiple ways, without being limited by the framework of a final structure.”

The artists come from different professions and countries. Diego Suárez, Alberto Jiménez, Luna Donat, Laura Montañana, Anna Fontanet, Rocío Márquez, Mónica Rikic (Spain), Heliodoro Santos, Javier Guajardo (Mexico), Constanza Velasco (Chile) y Cecilia Vilca (Peru). Lexias is a work in progress and an itinerant project. Part of its artistic proposal is to incorporate a local artist of every city where it is exhibited.

Lexias has been exhibited in Centro Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Peru
(October 4 to December 2, 2011), ACA Arte Contemporáneo, Colima, Mexico
(November 18, 2011), Pinacoteca Universitaria, Colima, Mexico
(November 30 to December 14, 2011) and Opening of the Audio-visual Room of Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Jorge Chávez Carrillo, Colima, Mexico (March 7, 2012).

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