The Big 4-Oh!

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    I am not quite there yet, but this milestone is steadily approaching (with a few scrapes along the way).

    If this seems impossibly far away to you, thirty-something might suit you better.

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    1. blimpa 103 months ago | reply

      seems like the US is the only place where 40 is considered ancient. Get that out of your head. Two words: Johnny Depp . Two more words: you're blessed with talent, a wonderful family, looks, and brains. We're not our parents. We take better care of ourselves. 40 is going to be awesome!

      Now drink your prune juice. ;)

    2. jbelluch 103 months ago | reply

      such great detail, and the black and white is a great effect

    3. mathmandan 103 months ago | reply

      I really like the feel of this photo. And I'm right behind you in the age race. Just think, in all likelihood, our lives aren't even half spent yet.

    4. Yorick... 103 months ago | reply

                             N  I  C  E
      C A L L Y N U M B E R
      W O R K                        _____________________

    5. deb sidelinger 103 months ago | reply

      hah... forty IS awesome... and it gets even better after that :)

    6. Yorick... 103 months ago | reply

      Hey Dark,
      look what I just found:
      do you know this pool ?

    7. Iguana Jo 103 months ago | reply

      Ehy, I'm going to be there too. But it doesn't look too bad...
      (Well at least I should convince myself.. :-)

    8. quadrapop 103 months ago | reply

      that was my number this year;-)

      I'm not even middle aged yet judged by the rest of my family...

    9. Rune T 103 months ago | reply

      Lovely lines - I'm somewhere between the two pictures age-wise, but closing in on this one :)

    10. thermophle 103 months ago | reply

      For me, these numbers get closer by the minute. :( Is it/was it your birthday?

    11. darkmatter 103 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone! especially quadrapop and deb for leading the way.

      blimpa- thanks for the blessings! sip. sip.

      tonton- what is a "callynumber"?

      thermo- its a one way street! my b'day is still a ways off, but i like to be prepared. need to start checking off those items on my "to do before i'm 40" list :-)

    12. Lú_ 103 months ago | reply

      I'm counting short days. :-)

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