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    The printed word made more of an impression before lithography laser printers. This is a tribute to the letterpress.

    The font is Adobe Caslon Pro, with a rich history (the original was used for the first printing of the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution), and one of my favorite CS2 fonts these days. I particularly like its ligatures, such as the "fi" and "ff" you see here.

    In case you get this far and are wondering what super-duper macro lens I traded my car for, this is a photoshop creation. Look for real printed words here and here if you prefer.

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    1. CodeFin 115 months ago | reply

      And what a great photoshop creation it is. The printed word is a beautiful thing isn't it? Great creation!

    2. Lú_ 115 months ago | reply

      Oh, how beautiful to see the impression in the paper! And how painful to realize it isn't really, at all - like a past we can't catch just when it seems so close. (The moment of text is, of course, a real find.)

    3. darkmatter 115 months ago | reply

      Thanks beppie.

      Beautiful indeed, codefin.

      I agree, Lu. Hang on to your typewriter!

    4. Coolnamestaken 115 months ago | reply

      My Photoshop skills are almost nonexistent, could you show me how to do cool stuff like that? pleeeease
      (wow i couldnt spell)

    5. wasaby 115 months ago | reply

      i love the crispness of the paper and the "embossed" feel of the letters.

      great macro shot :)

    6. darkmatter 115 months ago | reply

      falcon- i used a bunch of filter for this (noise, blur, lighting), but for most photo work, levels and curves adjustments are the most you need. dive in and have fun.

      thanks wasaby, i like the 'feel' of it too.

    7. Yorick... 115 months ago | reply

      I sudenly hit my forehead with my hand !
      Yes of course ! you did all this under photoshop...
      Great work !
      Just remember me to drop the mouse first next time.

    8. darkmatter 115 months ago | reply

      tonton- that's why i'm wearing a motorcycle helmet (visor down) right now!

    9. Danny B! 115 months ago | reply

      Excellent macro. Nice work!

    10. Bee baa [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      great macro, love how the letters are engraved in the paper

    11. blimpa 115 months ago | reply

      i feel like I could reach out and touch it. And i did. And hit my hand on the monitor.

    12. fuzzbabble 115 months ago | reply

      That is an amazing Macro Shot. Great find, great shot.

    13. KarmenRose 115 months ago | reply

      hmmm, very clever you are

    14. wildlifeuplift 115 months ago | reply

      It is quite the magician that can show you his trick, tell you it's a trick, and even explain how he has done the trick, and still the audience knows that it is genuine.

    15. darkmatter 115 months ago | reply

      Thanks, beebaa, blimpa, fuzz, karmen, and wildlife! If you're nostalgic for the glory days of movable type, you might enjoy Donald Knuth's typesetting software (tex) as much as I do.

    16. mathmandan 115 months ago | reply

      Very nice photoshop work. I like Caslon as well. And I'm well acquainted with tex (LaTeX)! Knuth was a genious.

    17. darkmatter 115 months ago | reply

      welcome back, mathman! should have known you would be into LaTeX ;-)

    18. helveticaneue 115 months ago | reply

      letterpress... *swoon*.

      I could just fall into the impression this leaves. mmm.

    19. PuffinArt 115 months ago | reply

      Very GOOD work!

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