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{7-365} Seventy times Seven | by Dee'lite
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{7-365} Seventy times Seven

7 Random (boring) Facts about me :


1. I have 6 pillows in my bed, sometimes they take all the space but I'm not complaining.


2. I made a promise to myself to learn at least one musical instrument a year. I did flute, guitar, (barely beginner level) piano and bass. And right now, I only remember how to play guitar. And I am not even confident I play good! LOL.


3. I love the beach but I don't know how to swim. And I go loco over beautiful papers and boxes.


4. My fantasy job is to be a member of CSI or one of the profilers in ala Criminal Minds. Teehee!


5. I was supposed to be named Charles as my parents were expecting a boy. But to their delight, a girl came out. And thus named Dianne, from Princess D.


6. I only have one sister and she's studying back home. So every summer break I kidnap her to spend a month with me here in Singapore.



7. I got lost in the City when I was barely 4 years old. I was with my grandma and somehow I lost my hold on her hand and wandered off on my own. I just followed the traffic of people,just consttantly looking up on the play of lights, craning my little neck towards the land of the giants. It didn't entered my mind how lost I was until it was already getting dark, and I was probably getting hungry. Then I began to cry, and I saw a young couple and they asked for my name and my address. Good thing my parents taught me well that I was able to say my full name and my complete address. They took me to our home and I was reunited with my worried parents. I swear, I will let my future kids memorize their address down to their blood type!




First 7 days down, I hope I can finish till 365! Good luck! I'll just drown myself with inspiration from you my flickr friends! A million thanks for the views, comments and faves. Gracias!

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Taken on April 7, 2009