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Originally found here: blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2006/12/the_other_cs3_icons.html

I've tried to add links to the products where available.

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  1. @cdharrison 85 months ago | reply

    Thanks for those updates, thebakachan. I updated the wheel 'o' icons to reflect the changes!

  2. documentingSpace [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    strange, I think there the best they have been in a long while. CS CS2 were the worst icons in softwares history. I never knew which was what in my task bars. very frustrating.

  3. Charmeleon 84 months ago | reply

    I agree, I really like them. Very clean, nice.

  4. Rico Madiko 84 months ago | reply

    It's a shame that FH is long gone. But overall, these new icons really stand out the name of each product (at least easier to understand). Although I hate it when I first saw it (or during Beta period), but now I love it a lot.

  5. jaylarson 84 months ago | reply

    They also show up very nicely in my finder/explorer windows on my computer.

  6. rickyaustin [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    I think this is a very nice package of icons. I do not know what everyone is upset about.

    I used the beta version of PS3 and the icon means more now with a specific vivid color and initials — than the previous feather, butterfly, flower, seashell & star.

    This is sophisticated and clean. Well done Adobe.

  7. wdlaurie 84 months ago | reply

    Should you desire help creating your own CS3 style icons, I've posted a simple three step tutorial:


    There are a number of tools a designer uses in any design: texture, shape, color, size, contrast, imagery. My personal opinion is that the icon designers showed a lack of imagination. The icons all match, but that's a sad baseline for branding. There's nothing inspirational or interesting about any of these.

    These icons also display poorly at 16x16 pixels, something Windows users see a lot of: in the window title for the application, in the taskbar, in the default view of File Explorer.


  8. shelly_cawood 84 months ago | reply

    ive been calling photoshop ps for as long as i can rememeber same with dreamwaver; dw so to some extent this works for me. I have always disliked adobes icons and rtaher liked macromedias, i think they have not quite hit the nail on the head with these. the lack of consistency with the upper and lowercase bugs me and the fact they are ALL sqaure makes me cringe... does look like something they didnt think about a whole lot, when i saw them in beta i hoped they were temporary icons heh

  9. CrookedFurrow 84 months ago | reply

    Apollo == AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)


  10. @cdharrison 84 months ago | reply

    Arpanet Thanks for the prompting ;) I got it updated.

  11. rohypnol [Francesco Zaia] 83 months ago | reply

    probably an Fb for Flex Builder 3...

  12. renquedochan 75 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Media Me, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  13. renquedochan 75 months ago | reply

    Thanks a lot! Wellcome to Media Me

  14. ThunderPeel2001 74 months ago | reply

    I have to say, now I've had time to adjust... I couldn't go back.

  15. jimenezjordi 73 months ago | reply

    Please freehand come back to save us.....!!!

  16. elamoll 72 months ago | reply

    It's really make a immensely impression, nice

  17. infakt 71 months ago | reply

    Good job!

  18. bobelq 71 months ago | reply

    You're absolutely genious. Thanks!

  19. PCcraker 50 months ago | reply

    Thank your god, and thank you for this, I wanted to know the exact color for media encoder, I kinda like it thank you again Sir

  20. PCcraker 50 months ago | reply

    well how to get the colors? what's the color ID's? plus I couldn't get the the color wheel in the stupid photoshop!

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