Toy Car
This Saab may just be the greatest creation of all time.

The first time I saw it, I managed to get a couple of photos, which have gone on to be among the most popular ones on my Flickr account -- and rightfully so.

Today, I saw it again in Harvard Square, and managed to stop for a better look. To see more detail -- and really, how can you not want to see the detail on this thing -- the Flickr "Toy Car" set has sharper photos from the better camera.

Fittingly, the driver was wearing a Dr Seuss "Cat in the Hat" hat.

I mean, of course she was, right? Right.

* * * * *

UPDATE 30 Mar 2010: The hunt is on! Teresa Hanafin at's RAW Blog today ran Who drives this funny car?, in which a Globe reader from Andover is asking for info about the owner of the car, noting that it has been several times in Boston's northwest suburbs (Burlington, Arlington, Andover, Cambridge, etc). According to some commenters, the owner may live (or work?) in Belmont, as it seems like it's seen there pretty often.

I don't want to infringe on the driver's privacy too much, unless she wants to "out" herself as the owner of this fine machine, so I'll simply add the handful of clues that I have:

• Both times I've seen the car, a woman was driving it.
• When I saw it in Harvard Square in January, she was wearing a Dr Seuss hat.
• When I saw it near the Museum of Science in July 2008, there was a couple of kids in the back seat, one with curly (red?) hair.
• She's way ahead of you on the "EYESORE" jokes :-)

* * * * *

UPDATE 31 Mar 2010: The blog post ferreted out the info within hours:

Jenny wrote to let us know that a correspondent for one of the Globe's regional editions wrote about the car, identifying the owner, about a year and a half ago.
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