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Scenes from a broken economy: shuttered mortgage services store



Excel Mortgage & Investment



They must mean like that dream I had when I had my wisdom teeth out, and I was knocked out on Percoset. You know, the dream where I was on a hike in the mountains with a bunch of people, and the terrain kept getting harder and harder, and then we were being chased by wolves, and everyone just seemed to disappear, and it was just me and the wolves, and I was running & running and getting so tired, and then I came to this big brackish, polluted lake, and the only options were swim or the wolves, so I jumped in with my camping gear and everything, and started swimming for the other side, and the wolves came in after me, and then I woke up. In a cold sweat. Exhausted.


I hated that dream.


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This photo appeared on NPR's Planet Money blog on 5 Jun 2009, and on paltalk News Network on 9 Dec 2009.

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Taken on April 7, 2009