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iPhoto '09 oddness: "About 580 minutes remaining" | by Chris Devers
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iPhoto '09 oddness: "About 580 minutes remaining"

I didn't pay close attention, but it seemed to take a solid day or two to finish scanning the photos in my library.


Granted, there are a lot of them (about 41k photos right now, going back a decade), and granted my Mac isn't the latest & greatest (dual 2.3ghz G5, 8gb RAM, lots of free drive space for swap).


But still, this is just silly. And it's still not responsive in any sense -- typical trivial change like tagging one face in a group photo routinely locks up iPhoto for several minutes at a time. That kind of performance is just unworkable, there has to be ways to both improve the UI and speed up the performance.


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Flickr Meta Addendum, 4 Apr 2009: Traffic tsunami -- apparently others find these amusing as well :-)


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Addendum, 28 Apr 2009: Things have gotten slightly better with the current 8.0.2 version than they were with the original 8.0. It's still a bear to work with, but if you just act like you're on an old PowerMac 8600 from 1997 and stay in the habit of click, pause, get reaction, type, pause, get reaction, hit return, pause, get reaction, click on next thing... ad nauseam.... that more or less works. But it's still cumbersome. But it's better than the original release was, which was just glacially slow, and glitchy, and crashy.


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Uploaded on February 19, 2009