Ring A Day 365/365, 2010
A ring a day for 2010.
Started Jan 1st, 2010
ended Dec 31st 2010
365 out of 365

This project will be about ideas and exploration (and fun) more then commercial work. It's about the idea that feels most exciting that day.

They are experiments in line, shape & color. An exploration of ideas like a daily sketchbook.

Some are quite serious and carefully planned, some are a little silly, some will take a couple minutes, others many, many hours. Some rings will be ephemeral and temporary made of fragile materials.

All are made of recycled, repurposed or alternative materials as diverse as felt, false eyelashes, cucumber facemasks, lipstick, repurposed elastic bands, twist ties, straws, tinfoil, carob, chocolate ice cream, peas, grass, chives, plastic bags, paper, cardboard, rubber gloves, hair, and soap.
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