Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

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    1. Pieter D 81 months ago | reply

      Beautiful view! I should visit Kuala Lumpur one day.

    2. ccdoh1 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks, it's well worth a visit.

    3. ie.eg.etc [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      wonderful view! the buildings overseas are so much more majestic and bigger than the ones down here in melbourne. where did you stay while you were there?

    4. ccdoh1 81 months ago | reply

      Rebecca has family here so we stayed in her uncle's apartment. She was also born here. When other people are driving you around you don't tend to take too much notice of directions so I'm unsure where it was. All I can remember it was high on a hill near a Chinese temple that shot fireworks for Chinese New Year. Her uncle is an architect and worked in designing the KLCC complex of which he went to the middle east to source the granite tiles for the mall. He also took us to Putrajaya to show us some apartments he designed. Funny thing is he made some with a bull nose veranda to reflect on his time in Australia! But you're right. It's a fast paced world in KL. Everything is bigger, better and hotter in comparison to Melbourne.

    5. ie.eg.etc [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      Ah, i find KL disgusting in comparison to Melbourne. It's overpopulated, unhygienic (as is with overpopulated cities) and quite smoggy. The illusion of niceties in that part of the world makes me quite sick. My family is from Malaysia and I think the least that country could do - rather than attempting to Westernise - is afford better healthcare and living conditions for the majority of their people. Instead, it is ruled by a money-swindling mob with little grasp on morality, thereby reflecting their values upon many of their citizens.


      Um, end rant.

    6. PacoAlcantara 81 months ago | reply

      my! that's what I'd call: Supreme!

      and better in the larger size

    7. giiviak 81 months ago | reply

      Great capture mate...this would have to be the clearest sky I've ever seen from KL - every time I go there (which isn't very often at all) there's so much smog about that I doubt you would have seen much farther than those twin towers...it really looks like a beaut city from up here :D

    8. ccdoh1 81 months ago | reply

      @ie.eg.etc: So much anger! I don't know how to respond. And seeing this is in the Malaysian pool I better not say too much! From seeing the results of people's money being spent on the elaborate facilities at Putrajaya, I can see what you mean in the way swindling. But I'm a student engineer so I'm really keen on seeing money being invested into technology and infrastructure (it means employment). Especially those incredible bridges.
      Sri Wawasan Cable Suspension Bridge - Putrajaya, Malaysia
      However it does come at a cost to the people as you point out. I saw a small slice of life in KL and it seemed to be far better than some other places I saw on that trip. Maybe I didn't open my eyes enough?

      @El Fotopakismo : Not many people comment on the quality of my large size images. Thanks for looking.

      @giiviak: You should see what I started with (before editing). Pea soup comes to mind!

    9. ezio.zaia [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      nice shot!

    10. ChangSan 81 months ago | reply

      home - great shot

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