Beyond Mobility
Exploring the Future Car in a World of Connected Devices
CCA + AIR Fellows Interdisciplinary Workshop
California College of the Arts + Audi Innovation Research

June 6-20

California College of the Arts (CCA) and the Audi Innovation Research (AIR) office launched the CCA + AIR “Beyond Mobility” Fellows Workshop -- an interdisciplinary collaboration geared toward exploring the car as a key intersection in this broader network of interconnected devices.

An elite group of CCA students from across the college's disciplines was selected as AIR Fellows for this two-week workshop.

Together they are developing ideas, visions, prototypes, and new business models that position the car as a hub in this growing ecosystem of information and devices.

Mobile technologies -- from wearables to the connected home and the smart city -- are creating a radical new design environment that extends beyond the expertise of any one discipline.

AIR Fellows are exploring the theme “Beyond Mobility” -- the spectrum of future devices and experiences from watches, to phones, to sensors, homes, cities, and beyond.

AIR Fellows are reimagining new features, forms, interactions, and services that the car might embody in the not-too-distant future and recast new sustainable relationships the car may have with its environment.
CCA + AIR Fellows

Seth D’Ambrosia, Graduate Program in Design
Matt Boeddiker, Architecture
Maria Carrión, Graduate Program in Design
Emilie Chien, Interior Design
Shirley Chong, Fashion Design
Laurel Deel, Interaction Design
Emily Falk, Architecture
Brooke Francesi, Graduate Program in Design
Tim Henshaw-Plath, Architecture
Jeff Maeshiro, Architecture
Patrick Mulcahy, Industrial Design
Ann Rich, Design MBA
Hamish Tennent, Graduate Program in Design
Liam Woods, Graduate Program in Design
Leah Zaldumbide, Architecture
CCA Faculty

Haakon Faste, Assistant Professor, Interaction Design
Jason Kelly Johnson, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Audi Innovation Research Team

Markus Auerbach, Head of AIR SF
Luisa Plasczymonka, AIR Researcher
Richard Luu, AIR Researcher
CCA + AIR Fellows Coordinator

Nataly Gattegno, Chair of Graduate Architecture

The CCA / AIR Fellows Workshop is a collaboration between California College of the Arts (CCA) and the Audi Innovation Research (AIR) office, curated by Therrien-Barley.
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