Octopus fanned-out

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    Photo by my wife, Stephanie. Here's the octopus with its tentacles fanned out.

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    1. BenODen ages ago | reply

      WooHoo, a pretty good sized octopus! Did he suck on any of you guys? (Artagel)

    2. Metahari ages ago | reply

      These are amazing pictures.

    3. ccaviness ages ago | reply

      It was a thrill to have this close encounter. It's the first time we had been up-close to one in the wild.

      It did wrap briefly around my hand - it felt just like one would expect!

    4. Michael Sarver ages ago | reply

      I encountered a few Octopi(?) on a night dive in Cozumel, but it seems you guys got a better view!

      Great picture!

    5. ccaviness ages ago | reply

      I just noticed - looks like something got a chunk out of one of the tentacles. See the piece missing in the middle tentacle on the right?

      Kudos to my wife, Stephanie, for taking these shots!

    6. BlueK9 ages ago | reply

      Wow...always dreamed of an encounter like this!

    7. amell ages ago | reply

      This is very good. octopus are hard to take pictures of, especially mid water!

    8. notinponce ages ago | reply

      this shot is really cool

    9. dotpolka ages ago | reply

      This is really neat. Please consider adding your octopus pics to the Tentacles pool!

    10. ccaviness ages ago | reply

      I've added all my octopus shots to the tentacles pool!

    11. dotpolka ages ago | reply

      Thak you, they're phantastic!

    12. orcagirl ages ago | reply


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    14. Kim Van Horn 113 months ago | reply

      WOW! I know this is probably in a million groups... but can you post it at

    15. WIlly Volk 106 months ago | reply

      @ Michael Sarver...it's "octopuses."

      And please add this image to This Is Why We Dive!

    16. SerialCoder 92 months ago | reply

      This image has been added to the Flickr Museum for making explore's top 25. Kudos!You can check it out here...

    17. Hawley Studios 81 months ago | reply

      Really nice!! 8)

    18. Die Grünwald 24 months ago | reply

      Nice picture. I saw, took and used it. In my blog (www.DieGruenwald.de).
      Thank you!

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