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Shadowknight II | by ✠Andreas
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Shadowknight II

"Codename Shadowknight II, collaborative operation with US Military. The Americans want us to delete all recipe and construction files of a Pan Asian Chemical Weapon. Your team´s objective is different.

The primary target is located inside the Asia International Medical Alliance Tower. A Talon Dropship will be deployed to insert your team in the Tokyo Uptown Bank District, 2700 meters distance to the objective. Proceed with caution, suppressed fire only. A civilian helicopter will be waiting for you on the helipad of the Eastern Asia Banking Collective Building, 2200 meters distance to the objective. The pilot is one of our undercover agents, get rid of the rest of the crew and all security personnel. The helicopter will take off at 0300. About 30 seconds after the start, various explosives, placed by more undercover agents will detonate all over Tokyo. Shortly after, communication will break down.

The pilot will drop you on the main helipad of the Asia International Medical Alliance Tower. Enter the high security level, 5 floors above the helipad. From here on, your team has a 7 minutes window till a full lockdown of the whole complex. Hack the AI system, download the objective files and prepare explosives. Eliminate all resistance on your way back to the main helipad, three Air Sharks will be waiting to extract your team. Trigger the explosives once you are back in the air. Towards the Americans, this was combat damage, officially, we have not downloaded the files.

By now chaos should have spread all over Tokyo, when Pan Asia realizes what happened, it will be way too late to stop us."

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Taken on September 2, 2012