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DARKWATER Vulture 3 | by ✠Andreas
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The armored and armed VTOL "Vulture", first deployed by DARKWATER in 2030, is an orbital deployment capable Dropship. It features a 12.7mm machine gun and a High Speed Auto-Cannon as well as compact Stinger Type O orbital deployment missiles. The Vulture currently is DARKWATER´s most advanced large aircraft.


DARKWATER´s major goal was to create aircraft capable of orbital flight without the need of any kind of carrier systems. While problems with overheating were solved by both, the NATO and Warsaw Pact in early 2020, the fuel problems were remaining DARKWATER´s biggest difficulty. Compared to DARKWATER´s common VTOL Dropship, the Talon, it was clear that orbital flight capable vehicles would require way stronger engines, those would however also need way more fuel and at the same time a fairly large range. The Vulture solved this issue as it is capable of airborne and orbital refueling, which is required to increase the craft´s otherwise comparably low range once entering orbital flight or reentering atmosphere. Multiple Vultures were used during the construction of DARKWATER´s orbital installation during 2030. It is confirmed that Sharp Sky obtained early intel of the craft in 2029, helping them to create a high standard non orbital flight capable VTOL called JF48C.


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Taken on August 26, 2012