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Overgrown | by ✠Andreas
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Various EU soldiers about the Neptune Geo-Engineering Facility:


"Top notch Geo-Engineering, financed by the Saudis, to solve water and energy problems in the Middle East. They were basically creating an artificial rain forest in this area. The Hydro-Dams were then intended to provide energy and water for surrounding cities. Apparently DARKWATER bought the whole complex six years ago. During the following months there was an accident at the dam controls, the result is the swamp down the cliff where a city was actually planned to be. At least that´s the official version."


"The power output of six dams got to be huge, but the Saudis only receive a minimal amount of it. We assume DARKWATER to have more facilities in this area powered by this one. DARKWATER however seems not to consider this installation to be a possible target, since the defenses are relatively weak. Three Abaddon Dropships have been confirmed to be ready for combat at the northern dam. No advanced Infantry, no Gunships. I recommend to proceed with caution, other facilities may be ready to defend this one when required. This may be a trap."


"Sir, can you see those, ...Hazard Units, no matter what DARKWATER is doing here, this is not just about a dam."

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Taken on July 15, 2012