Hough property card photos
From the Cuyahoga County archives.

These photographs are found on cards created for each property in the county for the purpose of tax valuation. Every property in the county was photographed. What you see here are those properties that still had the photo on them (they were glued, and some fell off) and for which the card wasn't removed when the property was demolished.

I'm focusing on the area near the Hough branch of Cleveland Public Library, but hope to eventually expand to cover the greater Hough area.

Addresses are presently based upon what the county auditor shows for the parcel number. Houses listed as "demolished" are based upon the most obvious signs in the auditor's data - there are probably houses that have been demolished that are not listed as such - but it is very unlikely that a house listed as "demolished" is standing, unless there has been a change in parcel numbers.
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