Amaranth Borsuk / EAB visit
Expanded Artists' Books: Envisioning the Future of the Book
The Center for Book and Paper Arts, a program of the Interdisciplinary Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago, recently received a $50,000 Arts in Media grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in support of a new electronic publishing initiative, Expanded Artists’ Books. This grant will support the an award of two $10,000 commissions for new artworks for the iPad. These will have physical counterparts that intersect, modulate, or inform the digital components of the artwork.
Expanded Artists’ Books utilize the rich capabilities of the tablet platform to imagine new forms that a book might take, such as exploring how interactivity challenges the traditional closure of text or the performance of time. We are currently focused specifically on the Apple iPad as a site for exploration of this conceptually rich territory. Finished projects—apps and physical books—will be published by the Center for Book and Paper Arts beginning December 2013.
One of the winning teams visited CBPA in April 2013, to talk about developing a project called Abra, which plays with the concept of the illuminated manuscript “through a five-pronged collaboration between two poets, one visual artist, one iOS artist-developer, and a potentially infinite number of readers.” Members Amaranth Borsuk, Ian Hatcher and Kate Durbin discussed their project at the CBPA bindery with CBPA Director Steve Woodall, InterArts faculty members Clif Meador, Paul Catanese, and Michelle Citron, and CBPa curator Jessica Cochran.
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