• Vygotsky
  • Pictures from the Gomel, the city in which Vygotsky grew up.
  • Deborah Meier, someone who would appreciate Vygotsky's ideas reframing the moderism of Piaget.
  • John Dewey. I wonder if he ever read, or ever wrote to Vygotsky. I think not. Yet the two are theoretical brothers.
  • Maurice Zeldich, a sociologist whose ideas about small group process and status, power, and expectations, fueled the collaborative learning model known as Complex Instruction.

Synthesis Project 1. 377Sm06

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Alex's poster brings together a full array of characters who've sat with us over the past eight days. His brilliant and resourceful sythesis puts Cohen, Zeldich, Dewey, Vygotsky, Berliner, Montessori, Steiner (must be a personal favorite), and others in one socio-historical place.

Not really taken in Gomel. Just noting the town where Vygotsky - the main subject of Alex's poster - was raised.

  1. eurobecca ages ago | reply


    These are SOOOO cool! What is the Synthesis Project? Which course is this for?

    Miss you lots! Give my love to Ann too!


  2. cbone60 113 months ago | reply

    Geez - finally found your comment. HOwz Paris? This was a collage done by a very bright person in my class who did this whole thing about Vygotsky. The old pictures are the town in which V. grew up. The more current photos were other folks we'd studied in class. I thought his synthesis of "what carried meaning for him in the course" (the synthesis project) was brilliant. He said I could photograph it and post it here.
    Let me know if you read this some day!

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