Boatyard: The Making of Pin Tail, a 25' Draketail
In January 2016, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland began construction of "Pin Tail," a 25’ Hooper Island Draketail. Follow this album as we post updates throughout the build process. Built by CBMM’s Apprentice for a Day (AFAD) public boat building program participants, the build will continue through this spring, with the hull completed in June with the engine install and launch anticipated for late August. The boat features a reverse-rake round stern which is also referred to locally as a “torpedo stern,” “dovetail,” or “ducktail.” These were the first types of power workboats developed in the Chesapeake Bay region, having their heyday in the ‘20s and going out of style in the ‘40s when crab-potting became legal. The "Pin Tail" is being built using plank-on-frame and started upside down on a strong-back. The bottom will be traditionally cross-planked with bead and cove strip planking for the topsides. White oak is being used for the keel, stem, chines, rails, and bed logs. Atlantic white cedar is being used for planking, with locust used for the knees and breast hook. The public can join in on the build throughout the process for one or more AFAD sessions, which take place on weekends through June 2017. CBMM is offering a reduced $25 participation fee the 3rd Saturday of the each month. The finished boat will be available for purchase, with proceeds supporting the boat restoration projects of the Museum. For more information about AFAD, visit the "Boatyard Programs" page under the "Learn" tab at
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