Google’s self-driving car

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    It’s amazing to imagine a car that can make every split-second decision for you, even delivering you home safely when you’re too tired to drive. Google’s DARPA Challenge-winning self-driving car has attracted a lot of attention. Developed by a team led by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun (watch his moving TEDTalk here), these cars use intelligent driving software, proximity sensors and extensive GPS data to figure out how to get from one point to another. What happens if the driver actually wants to do something? They can just tap the wheel or brakes and take back control. In May, the state of Nevada granted Google the first license for a car that drives itself, reports Time. Meaning that — head to Vegas, and you could potentially see the car being tested on the roads.

    1. creditworld 19 months ago | reply

      Cars that drive themselves ? Wow, who ever thought we'd see that. I wonder what the cost of insurance is for one of these

    2. lelesfotos 5 months ago | reply

      Hi! Thanx for sharing the picture! I use it here:

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