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Ouch! | by Cayusa
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For the past few days we have had to dodge two hornets on our way in and out of the house. Normally I'm a live and let live kind of guy when the bugs stay outside, but not in this instance. There are certain bugs I give a wide berth to and hornets are one of them. When they take up residence in the bush right outside my door, however, that policy doesn't really work. With a six year old having to walk by them as well, I just wasn't going to tolerate them moving in. I've had the misfortune of being stung by a hornet before and it isn't something I want to experience again, nor is it something I ever want Savanah to experience.


I managed to hit both of them with the RAID bug spray stream (thank goodness for that 12' range!) and these two little buggers just flew off. I retreated a few dozen feet and waited for them to return just in case. After about five minutes I heard something fall through the leaves and this guy landed on the sidewalk about a foot from me. Even after being sprayed with this stuff he was still squirming around. A bee or a wasp would have been killed instantly, but these tough little bastards weren't. I had to hit him again to finish him off.


Once he was dead I figured I might as well bring him in and get some shots of him. I knew he wouldn't be too cooperative alive, but in his new condition he was more than willing to hold still and let me shoot him.

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Taken on August 3, 2008