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Can I Still Claim Amateur Status? | by Cayusa
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Can I Still Claim Amateur Status?

Day 69 of 365 (Year Two)


Today was a busy busy day, but a good one. I had hoped to have the time to make it out to a museum downtown for a Class With Dave and Dave assignment, but was unable to manage that. Not sure now what I'm going to do for the Museum assignment, although I do have an idea (god bless Photoshop).


I started the day with a paying gig! A coworker is looking to sell her house and needed some photographs of the interior for the listing. That took a little over an hour and while I didn't charge her the going rate (from what I've researched) I did make a pretty penny for me. It is about time this damn hobby started paying me back a little. LOL


After that I headed over to a friend's farm to scout some locations for a shoot I have lined up for next week. Yup, another paying gig lined up for next week too! Woo hoo!


By the time I was done visiting and scouting it was time to pick up Savanah from her grandparent's house. Initially Kathy was going to get her, but I was 15 minutes from the house when I was at the farm so I headed over. The plan had been to head to downtown while Kathy was getting Savanah, but with me so close and gas being what it is, it just didn't make sense.


Once home I started post processing the house shots and much to my dismay discovered that my HD was almost full. So I had to sit by and twiddle my thumbs while the files from the lap top got copied to my external drive. More time lost, but I figured I might as well get to my other paying shots for today. The same coworker whose house I shot pays me a commission for taking product shots for the items she sells on ebay. I made $70 for shooting some jewelry that she sold and she had given me a gold pocket watch to shoot for her so when that sells I'll get a commission on that as well. So that makes four paying gigs this week! Woo hoo!


Now, if I could only keep that type of a schedule going, I'll be doing alright. After next weekend the only paying gig I can think of it a possible wedding in October. It ain't a tremendous amount of money I'm talking about yet, but it is a start!

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Taken on March 9, 2008