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Just a random black and white shot. I was working on getting the flash set up and it didn't go off the first time, so I pushed the button again and this is what I captured. I kinda liked how it turned out so here it is.


So I went to donate platelets today. It turns out you can donate them just two weeks after giving a whole blood donation so I scheduled my appointment last week and headed over this morning.


I went through the sign in process, was brought back to the donating area and was seated. They went over the process, offered me a movie and got that all set up. Then it was time to start the process.


To donate platelets they stick one arm for the blood supply and the other arm for the blood return. The blood is filtered through a machine that extracts the platelets and returns the rest of the blood back to your body. Because you are getting most of your blood back you can donate platelets a lot more often than whole blood.


Anyway, I got the first stick in the "return arm" and then the other technician went to stick my "supply arm." For some reason she decided to go for a side vein instead of the central one. I am guessing she felt that she'd get a better draw. Unfortunately she went a bit too deep and they couldn't get enough blood from that stick. So as quick as it began, my visit to the Red Cross for today was over. They can double stick the return arm if need be, but only one stick is allowed for the supply arm. Oh well, even technicians make mistakes.


As long as the arm doesn't bruise up I can go back next week and finish what I started. If it does bruise I have to wait for the bruising to subside before I can go back.


This, is the third and hopefully the final annoyance I will have to deal with this week. First off, my boss decided that we should work for a half day on Monday while the rest of North America is off for the holiday. Then there was the failed shot from last night and finally, this morning's botched donation. I am hoping that this little run of bad luck is over.


For more information about apheresis, check out this site.

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Taken on December 29, 2007