Paint Night
December 13th 2017,

Last month the Young Workers and Education Committees decided to plan a Paint Night at the Union hall. Within a few days of posting the event on Facebook 50% of tickets were sold.

Last night, December 13th we held our first Unifor paint night in the Retiree Lounge which was a full class and a great success.

There were 38 members, partners, friends and family from different units in attendance, which included President Greg Brady, a few retirees, a group of young workers. Local artist Kasia Dupuis walked everyone through the process of creating their own version of a winter scene with three chickadees siting on a branch.

Judging by the all the positive comments everyone had a great time and the next time this class is offered it will be another sold out event. Congratulations to Melodie Zarlenga & Jordan Lennox for organizing this very successful event.Special thank you to Kimberly for making the cupcakes.

Peter Scott,
Recording Secretary, Unifor Local 199
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