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音が進化した ... ヒトはどうですか? | by cavemanboon*
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音が進化した ... ヒトはどうですか?

Roughly translated, the Japanese caption above reads : "Sound (technology) has evolved ... But what about humankind?" This was one of the few voice-overs that Sony used in their award-winning TV commercial in Japan back in the 80's for their Walkman cassette players - viewing the youtube is compulsory!


The star of the commercial was a snow monkey called Choromatsu, a.k.a The Sony Ape-man, who passed away in 2007, just a few years before Sony stopped production of the Walkman in 2010. MP3 players may be the norm for portable music players nowadays but the Walkman was one of the first of such devices, selling 220 million worldwide in more than 30 years of production.


After doing the Mitsubishi Mirage TV commercial inspired Frilled Lizard, I have been wanting to do this Sony Walkman thingy but I simply couldn't find a Walkman to use in the photo that I had in mind - folks I had approached said they have either thrown away their old players or can't remember where they have stored away their old players. Furthermore, there was also some hesitation on my part as I have always felt that it is irreverent to mess around with Komatsu's designs. So, I am hereby apologizing to him in advance (on the off-chance that he stumbles upon this someday), 失礼致しました!Anyway, I have to fold this macaque again ... properly ... someday.


Origami related info :

Model : Japanese Macaque, designed by Komatsu Hideo, folded/interpreted by Cavemanboon. Paper : Elephant Hide, 110gsm, 38 x 38cm (?), acrylic paint applied on one side.


Walkman related info :

A million thanks to Philip Lim, for graciously lending me this WM-R707. Btw, I used to own a WM-R202, all those years ago. For folks who miss their old Walkmans (Walkmen?), the Walkman Central site may allow u to take a walk down memory lane. :-)


Oh, I need to thank Seng Kai too, for lending me his Discman and for trying so hard to find his old Walkman albeit unsuccessfully. I did take a pic of the macaque with the Discman, but it somehow didn't feel right.


And Sifu, if u are reading this, thanks for accompanying me to the flea market at Sungei Road to look for used Walkmans! We didn't find anything suitable but hope that famous Sg Road Laksa was worth the while. :-)


Okay, I have probably taken silliness to a whole new level ... time to get back into the cave and hide ... :-)


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Taken on June 13, 2012