Turning Pro!

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    Today I took the plunge and upgraded my free Flickr account to the Flickr Pro account. Now that I've "gone pro," I expect I'll be making lots of money with my camera in the near future. That's the way it works, isn't it?

    The camera is an old Clarus MS-35 35mm camera that belonged to my grandparents. The $100 bills were printed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing.


    Update (August 6, 2014): This photo was used in an article “Off the Top of My Head”.

    1. marctonysmith ages ago | reply

      The first steps to fame and fortune. Welcome!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. “Caveman Chuck” Coker ages ago | reply

      Thank you. Someday when I'm rich and famous you can tell people you knew me "back when he first turned pro."

    3. Graela ages ago | reply

      I knew him when...

      For me going pro just meant I paid them. But it sure is fun

      Great shot! BTW now to see what I spy here

    4. “Caveman Chuck” Coker ages ago | reply

      Anything I can do to further a game... ;-)

      Everyone Else: The Are You Game? group has a discussion thread titled Game: I spy.

    5. Jibby! ages ago | reply

      Wow. I won't ask where the money came from. I'll only ask for the money itself.

    6. “Caveman Chuck” Coker ages ago | reply

      No problem. Where do you want me to send it? Is a check okay?

    7. fangars ages ago | reply

      Your backdrops are expensive. How many hundred is that per square foot?

    8. “Caveman Chuck” Coker ages ago | reply

      I think I counted $2400 visible in the photo. Unfortunately, that's wasn't my money to keep. Bummer, huh?

    9. Jubala ages ago | reply

      Ive been thinking of getting a pro account.

      is it that much better?

    10. “Caveman Chuck” Coker ages ago | reply

      I thought so. I never worried about the 100 MB upload limit because I always reduce my photos to 800x600 pixels before uploading. (I have a 800x600 digital photo frame at home.) At least once that I can remember, though, I asked for help with a photo-related problem and was unable to upload the photo exactly as it came out of the camera. After uploading the 3888 x 2592 photo, Flickr reduced it to 1024 x 683. And as I got more and more photos uploaded I wanted to have more than three sets for sorting purposes. And the Pro Account wasn't really very expensive.

      The down side . . . I haven't started making lots of money with my camera yet. ;-)

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