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The Color Pursuit - by Luca Rossi (lukreed) EXTENDEND VERS. | by LukReed2 - Luca Rossi
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The Color Pursuit - by Luca Rossi (lukreed) EXTENDEND VERS.

The Color Pursuit (EXTENDED VERSION) is a project Featured By Leica Camera Italia and Kittesenk - Enkester Magazine.


Original Link(italian):




This project was born of an inner need, or rather an inner suffering.


Living in different cities, I slowly noticed that the colors in the urban context were gradually fading. Cars, signs, buildings, stations have been desaturated in these years, assuming cold colors typical of contemporary style, thus losing character and contrast with the gray of the city and making them all very similar. This aspect that I am investigating with the help of a sociologist, is showing me how much this feeling is actually a truth.


I have also read and recommend a very nice novel written by a designer named Jean-garbiel Causse, entitled “happiness has the color of dreams” (in Italian “la felicità ha il colore dei sogni”).


Every year if we look at statistic data, they show us the color preferred by motorists for their cars insisting on «neutral colors», from metallic gray, black, white, colors all with dull tones. Objects of design and furnishing are now only chromed. Today the colored elements are Vintage. From an internet search I found an article that said:


Riccardo Falcinelli, author of Cromorama comments: “A thick blanket of conformism envelops our choices in the furnishing of the house, in the purchase of furnishings, even in dressing. Once the real elegance was colorful, just think of the colorful decorations in the noble palaces between the nineteenth and early twentieth century ». Today the “vivid” color is almost feared, so much so that it survives in the unconventional territories of high fashion or in the eccentric clothing of certain royal families.


With this mood set on the grayscale I’ve started a research for color through the photographs, this inner necessity dragged me for months on the streets, led by spots of color, taking all those things that flash life in a landscape of ​​gray sadness, often illuminated by the warm spring light to make them even more vivid. This feeling became a project called “the color pursuit”.


A research that has been made possible thanks to the knowledge of color schemes, the combinations of primary and secondary, complementary and divergent, that the years as a designer have left me as a visual legacy. The photographs are proposed in diptychs because each is complementary to the other.


The images selected below are the result of 4 different editing, aided by esteemed colleagues, this is a selection derived from about 1500 photos all taken strictly with a Leica M8, which I love for the color rendering very close to the film Kodachrome

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Taken on May 9, 2018