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BrickArms Mortar Round prototype (and comparison with v1) | by Catsy [CC]
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BrickArms Mortar Round prototype (and comparison with v1)

The neatly arranged rows of rounds on the left are the new Mortar Round prototype that Will just cut. It is grippable both in the middle and at the tip of the warhead.


As a neat little bit of history and direct comparison, on the right is a sprue of the old mortar round (and an early version of the TPDW that shared the same mold). Will sometimes lets me rummage through bins of scrap and that's where this came from--the halves of the mold weren't quite flush with each other when this was injected, which allowed some material to leak out of the seam and create the flash you see along the edges and in the trigger guard.


You can see that I've done a little bit of cleanup to try to salvage them, but now that Will has designed the new version I think this sprue is getting set aside as a historical artifact. :)


You might also notice some imperfections in the new rounds. These surface defects happen sometimes with prototypes when there is an impurity in the ABS (often residue of a second color that doesn't blend cleanly) or for a variety of other reasons. They're not a flaw in the design itself.

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Taken on March 23, 2012