• Do I spot a bard? :3 - Gondabuggan
  • Indeed!
  • :D He's got good combos too.

    So this party looks like A bard-Paladin-ranger-Assassin-Rogue party? :3 - Gondabuggan
  • Or a Gleeman! - lukashu35
  • I was thinking along the lines of (left to right) fighter, archer, rogue, bard, mage. But that's the beauty of using minifigs instead of miniatures--they're whatever you need them to be, and they're easy to customize.
  • Sorry for asking, but, were is this helmet from? - Legodutch
  • Lego Castle: Dwarves fortress, or any other set with dwarves. - Bruno VW
  • Okey, Thx - Legodutch
  • I like how the counter top/board is hex like the hex pieces. I assume it is the same size? - THE J0KER
  • That's the idea. This is a 1" hex map, which is an extremely common type--used, for example, in GURPS or Starfleet Battles. The hex stands are exactly 24mm wide (one stud is 8mm), which comes out to about 0.94". This gives the hex stands just a touch of breathing room inside a 1" hex, and makes them conform to Lego dimensions.
  • Yeah, I can see how that would work. Question about your table top gaming though, do you roll dice to attack and to move? How exactly do you do it. I used to play tabletop gaming such as Mech Warriors, Star Wars Mini's, ect.. - THE J0KER
  • A full explanation of the rules is beyond the scope here, but in short: every character has a Move value of a certain number of hexes per turn, based on DEX. They also have Turn Count, (1 to 3, usually) that determines how many actions they can take in that turn. Attacks are 3d6 rolled against your attack skill (Mace, Guns, Ninjitsu, etc), contested by the defender's 3d6 roll against their defense skill (Dodge, Block, Parry, etc). Whoever makes the roll by more prevails. It is based on the core GURPS framework, but heavily modified.
  • So for example, let's say the warrior in the front with the Cimmerian Pickaxe is attacking the skeleton armed with same. The warrior's Axe skill is 16 (very good), and the skelly's Block skill is 12 (average to good). The skelly rolled a 9; he made his roll by 3. The Warrior rolled a 12--not as good of a roll--but because he's more skilled, he made his roll by 4, so he hits. If he'd rolled a 13 instead, he still would've hit, because in the case of a tie the roll goes to the attacker.
  • Cool! That sounds pretty fun! Somewhat similar to some old table top games I have played in the past(noted in my last note). I might try to do this with some Minifig stands if I am not able to obtain some hex stands. :D - THE J0KER

Hex stands in-game example

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A typical party of fantasy adventurers faces off against a group of undead.

The skeletons are using the basic 2S Hex Stand, while the adventurers are using the 4S Hex Stands, allowing the GM to mark them with additional status or health information.

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  1. C.J.Cutrone [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

    What are you using for the ground? This looks like so much fun!

  2. Catsy [CC] 39 months ago | reply

    The ground is a cheap and simple 1" hex map that I got from a local game store. This is the kind of map for which these stands were originally designed; much fancier versions can be found around the internets.

  3. C.J.Cutrone [deleted] 39 months ago | reply


  4. Armytoad 39 months ago | reply

    That is a good idea!

  5. MonkeyLogic (Brian) 39 months ago | reply

    The possibilities for those stands are endless. Think of the many games that can be designed with these.

  6. Magυs 39 months ago | reply

    And you might convince me to take up tabletop gaming.

    Certainly better than the lame things Lego comes up with. ;3

  7. worker201 39 months ago | reply

    What's the troubador going to do - bore them to death with a folk ballad?

    I kid, this is actually a pretty neat idea.

  8. The Brick Guy 39 months ago | reply

    I can't wait for these to be available for sale. :)

  9. ([Justin]) [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

    These will certainly display my future minifigs.

  10. (vhmh) 39 months ago | reply

    Now this would be fun to play!

  11. enigmabadger 39 months ago | reply

    "And you might convince me to take up tabletop gaming."

    Same here! I was part of an unofficial RISK club in high school (yes, that tells you all you need to know about my social life back then) and dabbled a bit in some other games, but I never went down the D&D path a few folks I knew did. Still, if I've got the chance, combining LEGO and role-playing could be darn fun!

    Dibs on the character names "Fat Neil" and "Hector the Well-Endowed"

  12. Gondabuggan 39 months ago | reply

    Community FTW! ;)

  13. MonkeyLogic (Brian) 39 months ago | reply

    This. Games like these could start clubs at schools and maybe some competition events.

  14. Magυs 39 months ago | reply

    Oh, we're all fairly nerdy here. ;) I've picked some things up and never dabbled in the gaming, but the customization of LEGO could indeed prove awesome.

    I call Carlos the Dwarf. :3

  15. Freter. 39 months ago | reply

    This is very cool, me and some friends play some"street rules" pick-up games of Warhammer, and Warhammer 40K. If this was produced, Im sure we could come up with a similar system for LEGO War-gaming.

  16. Maìne 39 months ago | reply

    I would totally start playing. :) You could like design your own heros!

  17. Catsy [CC] 39 months ago | reply

    That's the idea! One of the things I like about the games my GM runs is that every player gets to pick out and customize a minifig to represent their character in combat on the hex map. My GM has a few sets of craft organizer-type drawers divided into categories like "torsos", "hair", "projectile weapons", "ninjas", and so forth.

  18. dasnewten 39 months ago | reply

    I'm not doing any gaming or minifig stuff, but I still can't wait to get my hands on some of these, just black Brandon?

  19. Catsy [CC] 39 months ago | reply

    Not just black, no. At a minimum I'm planning to sell black and trans-clear, but if sales permit I'd also like to produce them in contextually-useful colors like dark tan, brown, dark green, and so on.

  20. Brick Zed Hunter 38 months ago | reply

    where did you get those stands

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